Waitress complains over sexualised photo pose by Iljo Keisse

Posted on: January 29th, 2019

The pose was intended as a joke, Deceuninck-QuickStep has said, but it has badly backfired. The incident is now being reported on by the media in Argentina and other parts of the world.


A waitress has complained about a sexualised pose struck by Iljo Keisse while she was posing for a photo with him and his Deceuninck-QuickStep team mates.

The riders are currently competing at the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina. The woman was working at a café the cyclists called to.

And when she posed for a photo with them, Keisse struck a sexualised pose behind her as the pictures were being taken.

The woman has now said he brushed off her during the pose. And having seen the photos she has contacted a lawyer with a view to taking it further.

However, while it has been reported the woman went to the police, it was unclear at the time of writing if she had in fact taken that step.

Deceuninck-QuickStep has said Iljo Keisse intended his actions as a joke. It further stated he regretted what he had done and had apologised.

The team said the incident had resulted in no consequences after the apology was made.

The woman, who has not been identified, told the local media in Argentina she struck up a conversation with the riders.

And when she realised why they were in town she said she asked for a photo.

While she said one of the riders brushed against her as they were lining up for the picture, she thought it was an accident.

But when she saw the photos she said she realised what had happened and was very annoyed about it.

“I am very angry, they disrespected me,” she said. “I was working, I asked for a photo and they disrespected me.

“I already spoke with my lawyers to see what we can do. My partner saw the situation and he is a witness.

“They can’t come to another country and treat women as things, as something insignificant and worthless.

“This is Argentina and he cannot come to do what he wants. I hope that at least they sanction him or call his attention for doing what he did.”