Video: Check out sheer numbers of cyclists on this London street

Posted on: October 18th, 2017

Huge numbers of London commuter cyclists at red light

There are open road races in Ireland with smaller bunches than the one in this clip. This really shows the cycling revolution underway in the UK. Meanwhile, in Ireland change comes much more slowly.


Huge numbers of cyclists on London streets


When plans were unveiled a few years ago of a series of cycle superhighways in London, there was much opposition.

The plans were greeted with derision in some quarters. And a common argument trotted out was that absolutely nobody would use them in bad weather.

But here’s a clip, below, that blows that argument clean out of the water. A veritable peloton of commuter cyclists on the streets.

Meanwhile, back in Ireland the Luas is insisting that cyclists must dismount on some stretches of road where the new Cross City line runs in Dublin.

And the Department of Justice is dithering on the new close-pass legislation over fears it will be unenforceable.

That seems particularly embarrassing considering the runaway success of the close-pass police operations in the North and in Great Britain.

As this clip shows; if you build infrastructure for cyclists, they will come.