Video of racing on world’s only pop-up street velodrome; it’s very cool indeed

Posted on: June 3rd, 2014

The banking at both ends is steep and doesn’t offer much room for manoeuvre but riders can still catch and pass each other on it and on the straights.  



Here’s a fantastic idea that we’d really love to see visit Ireland in the months ahead; the world’s only pop-up street velodrome.

The mini track is currently being used for an eight-round series across the UK for which anyone can register. Those turning up are given the opportunity to knock out their fastest lap.

The quickest four male and quickest four female riders advance to the racing proper, each as a member of a team made up of pro riders competing on the night.

The racing then takes the form of head-to-head pursuiting up and down the mini track, with riders advancing or being forced out via elimination style rounds until the gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded.

The extended 15-minute clip below was filmed at the first exhibition round of the 2014 StreetVelodrome Series.

Invited teams Haribo Beacon, Champion Systems, Cycle Chilterns, Team GHP, Club Roost and the StreetVelodrome Guest Team all competed.

Pro riders Pete Williams, Lee Gratton, Dillon Byrne, Maxine Filby, Adel Tyson Bloor and Anna Glowinski raced alongside their amateur team mates in the special exhibition event at the Manchester Bike and Triathlon Show in March.

The first round proper takes place this weekend in Stevenage, with the finale round in London in August.

However, far from being all about competition, one of the core principals of the series organisers is engaging young people in the competition, with UK Youth heavily involved in the project.





The straights between the mobile ends of the ‘velodrome’ are long enough to get speed up, but that must be controlled on the very tight and steep banking.


There is definitely very little room for overcooking the entry speed or messing up the exit from the bends.