Big jump in numbers entering Gorey Three Day; start list released

Posted on: April 17th, 2019
The start list is released for the Gorey Three Day and there has been an increase in the number of riders entering compared to last season.

With numbers having fallen for several years, there has been a welcome increase in the size of the field set to take on the Gorey Three Day this weekend.

Organisers Irish Road Club have released the start list, with more than 170 riders signe on; some 172 to be precise.

While that may still be off the bumper field of over 200 seen in the race about three years ago, it’s still a step in the right direction for what has always been a fantastic race.

Last year 104 riders entered into the race, which features four stages over three days, and only 92 started.

In 2015 and 2016 some 200 riders entered. That fell off in 2017 to 155 entrants, followed by a further fall last season.

However, the numbers have now rebounded strongly. We’ll have a preview shortly.


Gorey Three Day 2019

  1. Onley, Oscar Spokes Racing Team
  2. Dent, Alex Spokes Racing Team
  3. McConville, Oran Spokes Racing Team
  4. Horden, Chris Spokes Racing Team
  5. Maclean, Loan Spokes Racing Team
  6. Mitchell, Adam Spokes Racing Team
  7. Barclay, Kevin Spokes Racing Team
  8.  Becker, Jerome Velo Club Eckwersheim
  9.  Braun, Maximilein Velo Club Eckwersheim
  10. Gertz, Phillipe Velo Club Eckwersheim
  11. Kirchmann, Brice Velo Club Eckwersheim
  12.  Schenk, Julien Velo Club Eckwersheim
  13. Salmon, Maxime Velo Club Eckwersheim
  14. Zimmer, Luc Velo Club Eckwersheim
  15. Neill, Christopher Banbridge CC
  16. McMahon, Hugh Un-Attached
  17. Staunton, Robert Un-Attached
  18. O’Leary, John Barrow Wheelers
  19. Cullen, Liam Barrow Wheelers
  20. Connolly, Eoghan Un-Attached
  21. Dillon, Colm Comeragh Cycling Club
  22. Dillon, Aaron Comeragh Cycling Club
  23. Hayes, Michael Comeragh Cycling Club
  24. Griffin, Luke Comeragh Cycling Club
  25. Frisby, Ciaran Comeragh Cycling Club
  26. Hogan, Niall Comeragh Cycling Club
  27. O’Shea, James Comeragh Cycling Club
  28. Stafford, Karol Waterford RC
  29. Merriman, Kieran Waterford RC
  30. Smith, Paul Waterford RC
  31. Kelly, Robin Waterford RC
  32. Keating, Sean Waterford RC
  33. Smyth, Des Blanch Wheelies
  34.  Pretorius, Adriann Blanch Wheelies
  35. Cahoon, Ciaran Clann Eireann
  36. Kevlihan, Eoghan Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  37. Boyne, John Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  38. Cox, Stuart Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  39. Farrell, Conor T Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  40. Lambden, Ian Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  41. Gunning, Leo Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  42. Franzoni, Steven Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  43. Farrell, Conor N Lakeside Wheelers Mulling
  44. Byrne, Gavin Drogheda Wheelers
  45. Craven, Niall Drogheda Wheelers
  46. McMorrow, James Drogheda Wheelers
  47. Becton, Richie Drogheda Wheelers
  48. Dolan, Brendan Drogheda Wheelers
  49. McCann, Aaron Drogheda Wheelers
  50. Lynch, Kevin Newry Wheelers
  51. Shiels, Gary Newry Wheelers
  52. McKenna, Barry Newry Wheelers
  53. Havern, Michael Newry Wheelers
  54. Bugnall, Kenny Newry Wheelers
  55. Gannon, Paul Newry Wheelers
  56. Farrell, Rory Newry Wheelers
  57. Bradley, Martin Roe Valley CC
  58. Bradley, Nigel Roe Valley CC
  59. Jamison, Ryan Roe Valley CC
  60. Rooney, John Phoenix CC
  61. O’Shea, John Carlow Road CC
  62. Gleeson, David Carlow Road CC
  63. Carmody, Michael Carlow Road CC
  64. Baley, Eoin Carlow Road CC
  65. Woods, Paul Carlow Road CC
  66. Farrell, David Longford CRC
  67. Quinn, Shane Longford CRC
  68. McDonald, Danny Burren CC
  69. Murray, Enda Burren CC
  70. Geraghty, Stephen Burren CC
  71. O’Callaghan, David Burren CC
  72. Davitt, Darren Slipstream CC
  73. Dunne, Brendan Slipstream CC
  74. Purcell, Adam Greenmount CA
  75. Caulfield, Fintan Greenmount CA
  76. Byrne, Paul Gorey CC
  77. Peters, Martin Gorey CC
  78. Noble, Paul Slaney CC
  79. Maher, Brian Slaney CC
  80. O’Neill, Colm Scott Orwell
  81. Greene, Barry Scott Orwell
  82. McIlroy, Daniel Scott Orwell
  83. Appleby, Nicholas Scott Orwell
  84. Neill, Ken Scott Orwell
  85. Mullen, Luke Scott Orwell
  86.  Scanlon, Graham Scott Orwell
  87. Mulholland, Anthony Scott Orwell
  88. McArdle, Brian Scott Orwell
  89. Rodgers Murphy, Conor Scott Orwell
  90. Regan, Fergal Murphy Survey Kilcullen
  91. Furman, Lucas Murphy Survey Kilcullen
  92. Whelan, Niall Laois CTC
  93. McGreehan, Nathan UCD
  94. Graham, Daniel North Down CC
  95. Dixon, Ciaran Team Type 1
  96. allan, Ryan Lucan CRC
  97. Hanley, Liam Lucan CRC
  98. Conroy, Steven Lucan CRC
  99. Dunne, Anthony Lucan CRC
  100. Ward, Sean Lucan CRC
  101. Duffy, George Lucan CRC
  102. O’Hara, Ian Lucan CRC
  103. Richards, Mark Lucan CRC
  104. Hoare, James Lucan CRC
  105. O’Hagan, Ryan Lucan CRC
  106. Zaidan, Darragh Arcane CT
  107. Gilmore, Sam Arcane CT
  108. Sweetman, Craig Stamullen RC
  109. Aureliusz, Klus Stamullen RC
  110. Simpson, Jurgen Limerick CC
  111. Dumoulin, Laurent O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  112. Hooton, Richard O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  113. Moriarty, Tom O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  114. Barrett, Sean O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  115. Yon Hin, Daniel O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  116. O’Connor, Denis Munster Academy
  117. O’Connor, Tom Munster Academy
  118. O’Connor, Cian Munster Academy
  119. Crowley, Liam Munster Academy
  120. Dumoulin, A Munster Academy
  121. Murphy, D Munster Academy
  122. Earls, Jason South East Road Club
  123. Short, Ronan South East Road Club
  124. Grennell, Andre Arcane CT
  125. O’Hara, Andy Dublin Wheelers
  126. Halloran, PJ Un-Attached
  127. McMahon, Sean Arcane CT
  128. Gahan, Anthony Limerick CC
  129. Fitzgerald, Philip Limerick CC
  130. Graham, David NDCC
  131. Howick, Jason Bray Wheelers
  132. Clarke, Anthony Bray Wheelers
  133. Berry, Lloyd Bray Wheelers
  134. Carroll, Graham Greenmount CA
  135. Guerin, David Greenmount CA
  136. McCarthy, Kieran Greenmount CA
  137. Cullen, Derek Greenmount CA
  138. O’Dwyer, Fionn Greenmount CA
  139. Gleeson, Vincent Greenmount CA
  140. Larkin, Keith Navan RC
  141. Doggett, Niall Navan RC
  142. Lenehan, Sean Navan RC
  143. Nolan, Sean Navan RC
  144. Murray, John Navan RC
  145. Walsh, David Rossbury Racing
  146. Devine, Christopher Ratoath Wheelers
  147. Fielding, David South Dublin CC
  148. Whyte, John Gorey CC
  149. Donnell, John Dolmen CC
  150. Murphy, Albert Dolmen CC
  151. Geraghty, Ryan Bike Worx
  152. Doyle, Leo UCD Cycling Club
  153. O’Toole, Peter UCD Cycling Club
  154. Butler, John Club Rothaiochta Na Sionna
  155. White, Philip Wexford Wheelers
  156. Henry, Aaron Wexford Wheelers
  157. Stafford, Michael Wexford Wheelers
  158. Devine, Matthew Yeates Country
  159. Devine, Michael Yeates Country
  160. McMorrow, Brian Yeates Country
  161. Cawley, Trevor Yeates Country
  162. Finnigan, Stephen Yeates Country
  163. O’Sullivan, David Ciclotel TravelF/B YPB
  164. Foster, Jonny Ciclotel Travel F/B YPB
  165. MacRae, Alexander Ciclotel Travel F/B YPB
  166. Smith, Mark Ciclotel Travel F/B YPB
  167. Ward, David Ciclotel Travel F/B YPB
  168. Bracken, Colm Murphy Survey Kilcullen
  169. Hudson, Neal Scott Orwell
  170. Hanley, Mick Scott Orwell
  171.  Rafferty, Aaron Bohermeen CC
  172. Gilleran, John Longford CRC