Video: If only gardai tackled idiot drivers like they dispatched this bike

Posted on: July 11th, 2018

gardai bike royal visit

This garda moved lightening quick in taking a locked bike away from Camden St in Dublin – it must have been a security threat!


Bike whipped away by gardai due to royal visit


A cyclist who locked their bike on Camden St in Dublin on Wednesday would have gotten a shock when they returned to find it gone.

The royal couple – Harry and Meghan – were in town for a brief trip.

And when the gardai realised a bike was parked outside a café they were visiting a case of “now lads, you can’t be doing that” set in.

We’re not exactly sure why the bike was deemed so offensive; a security threat or maybe an eyesore?

Either way, an angle grinder was produced and this garda moved very quickly indeed in breaking the lock.

He then proceed to throw the broken parts onto the street and carried the bike off with him.

We look forward to the day when the gardai move with as much passion and speed to deal with drivers parking on cycle lanes and passing cyclists too closely.