Garda getting a pounding over Twitter poll on cyclists Vs motorists

Posted on: January 4th, 2018

It all started reasonably well; with the above. But when the Garda ran a poll asking people to vote against red light-breaking cyclists or motorists parking in cycle lanes, it got epic….


Garda cyclists Vs motorists Twitter poll row


The Garda’s official Traffic Bureau Twitter account has come in for a pounding today. A poll was published on the account asking users to vote for one of two options.

The Garda wanted to know who posed a bigger danger; motorists parking in cycle lanes or cyclists breaking red lights.

It wasn’t long before a lot of people weighed in, accusing the Garda of pitting cyclists against motorists.

Whoever was manning the Garda Twitter account stood their ground. They insisted they were simply trying to generate debate on road safety.

And in replies to some of the critics, the Garda said it knew that both options presented in the poll were unsafe.

Some of the critics included Minister of State Ciaran Cannon TD. And former minister Eamon Ryan, of the Green Party, also joined in to criticise the Garda.

They believed the poll was ill conceived and deliberately divisive. And they wondered why the Garda didn’t better enforce existing traffic laws instead.


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