Former pro rider shows off strange results of painful thigh injury

Posted on: May 17th, 2019
Greg Henderson has taken to social media to show off some unusual developments with his left leg.

Pro cyclists may be very skinny, but it’s all muscle. And in the case of former professional cyclist, Greg Henderson, he’s got some ‘muscles on his muscles’ action going on.

The Kiwi suffered a painful injury to his left thigh early this year. And when he finally made it to hospital he had to go under the knife.

A large incision was made in his thigh and the muscle drained of fluid; 500ml of puss drawn from his left quad to be precise.

Now he has taken to social media to show off the results of the procedure; a fairly length scar with a giant bulge around it.

He looks like he’s developed an extra muscle on his quad, though it may be a hernia.

“Who doesn’t believe in evolution! I have evolved a new quad muscle,” he joked. “Can anyone tell me what has happened here? I’d actually love to know exactly.”

He came down with his strange condition while at the Tour Down Under at the start of the year. However, rather than enjoying the race he spent a week in hospital.

He checked himself in after his leg had become increasingly painful over a four-week period.

And once under medical care the muscle was cleaned out so recovery could begin.

It appears he had torn his muscle 18 centimetres, which seems to have been the root of his problems.

The 42-year-old was a pro from 2002 to 2017; winning a Vuelta stage win in 2009 and two stages in Paris-Nice, in 2010 and 2011.

There are three Instagram posts below. Be aware the final one is of Henderson’s open wound. If you don’t want to see that one, don’t scroll down all the way.