‘Vigilante flower beds’ spring up to free Dublin cycle lanes from cars

Posted on: February 21st, 2019

These flower beds appeared in boxes alongside a cycle lane in Dublin to prevent motorists parking their cars there, as is a common sight on this particular street.


A row of flower beds have been set up on a Dublin street to protect a cycle lane from motorists parking their cars on it.

The beds were placed between the vehicle lane and the cycle lane, with enough of them to suggest quite a bit of effort went into them.

They have been put in place anonymously and it should be interesting to see how long they’ll last before Dublin City Council or the Garda removes them.

The #freethecyclelanes hashtag has been written on them just in case the reason for placing them there may be unclear.

The area they are situated in a short street linking Parnell St and Capel St in Dublin’s north inner city.

The flower boxes are a DIY alternative to the orcas that have been placed of late on some Dublin streets to segregate cycle lanes.

What do we think; a welcome move by frustrated cycling vigilantes or a hazard on the street?