More objectors than supporters for new Dublin City cycleway

Posted on: October 9th, 2018

Fitzwilliam Cycle Route Dublin

How the new parking-protected cycle route will look; cyclists and moving traffic separated by a row of parked cars. The FitzWilliam Cycle Route will run both sides of the roads.


The Dublin Cycling Campaign is urging cyclists to voice their support for the new FitzWilliam Cycle Route in the city.

It says that at present there are more objectors to the route than supporters. And the campaign wants cyclists to play their part in reversing that situation.

The new cycleway will run from Leeson St Bridge to Holles St Hospital, the full route situated in the south inner city.

It will be a “parking protected” cycle route.  The cycle lane will run alongside the pavement and between cyclists and moving traffic will be a row of parked cars.

With those parked vehicles segregating cyclists from the traffic, there is also space for a dooring zone.

That is effectively a strip of space right beside the parked cars that allows for the vehicles’ doors to be opened.

And once cyclists stick to their lane and not encroach into the dooring zone they won’t be caught by surprise by people opening car doors.

“There is a raised kerb between the cycle track and the footpath, keeping pedestrians and cyclists separated from each other,” Dublin Cycling Campaign explained.

“There is currently some vocal opposition to the proposed route. There’s more objectors than supporters for the scheme.

“Cyclists need to show their support for this new route or it may not be built,” it added, explained an online survey was available to be filled in.



The Dublin Cycling Campaign continued: “The most important thing you need to do is to complete the council’s online survey. It only takes two minutes.

“Tell the council why this route matters to you. Will it make your commute to work safer? Will you use it to cycle with your family to Merrion Square?”

The campaign has asked cyclists to reiterate some of its stated concerns when completing the form. These include:

Near Dublin Bikes stand on Merrion Square East the cycle lane is not protected. This is easily fixable by moving the Dublin Bikes stand inline with the parked cars.

Lad Lane needs traffic calming. This will make it safe for bikes and cars to share the same space.

FitzWilliam Lane should have a raised table so vehicles know they must yield to cyclists when crossing the cycle lane.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is also urging cyclists to share the survey form so that other cyclists will complete it.

In order to demonstrate to Dublin City Council the support the scene has; that support needs to be expressed via many people completing and sending the form.

And it is also urging cyclists who may work in or near the cycle route area to ask their companies to also make a submission to the council.


Where the route runs…

FitzWilliam Cycle Route Dublin