Nicolas Roche: “I’ve no energy and I just can’t go any more”

Posted on: May 21st, 2018

Abandoning a stage race can be a very difficult moment for any cyclist and that proved the case for Nicolas Roche on the Giro; a scenario he has been very honest about.


Nicolas Roche on his emotional abandoning of Giro d’Italia


Irish pro rider Nicolas Roche said he had taken pride at never having abandoned a Grand Tour.

And he felt very emotional when he climbed off at the Giro d’Italia yesterday.

In a very honest Giro Diary in the Irish Independent, Roche writes from inside the team bus after he had packed the stage.

He describes how empty he feels and how he has simply been unable to carry on.

The BMC Racing man said about 3km from the summit of the first climb at 36km he was dropped.

And while he kept riding in the hope a breakaway would go and the bunch would ease it, that did not happen.

He went down the other side of the climb alone and was caught by the gruppetto. However, he couldn’t even sit in that group comfortably.

With a long stage ahead and lots of climbs to come, the group was riding hard and Roche said he was struggling and had only 65km completed.

He said just 10km later when his second directeur sportif Valerio Pivo and asked how he was, Roche replied he couldn’t go on.

“I couldn’t. I was just empty,” he writes from the team bus post stage.

“A few kilometres later we arrived at the feed zone where I pulled in and climbed off my bike beside our soigneur Ton.

“I was quite emotional so Ton simply gave me a big hug before I clambered into the team car, my Giro over.”

He said he arrived at the finish in the team car before the race did and “just slumped into my seat” on the team bus.

“My phone was going off the chart with worried messages from friends and family who had heard I was out,” he adds.

“So I just told them I hadn’t crashed, I was okay, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk just yet.”

In previous Grand Tours he had struggled through bad days and even come out of them and won a stage.

But this Giro was different, he said. It wasn’t a case of one or two bad days, the race had been a “nightmare” for him.

“I’m in the bus now and it’s not that I’m feeling tired or sleepy,” he says. “It’s just that I’m empty. I’ve no energy and I just can’t go any more.”

He now planned to go and see his young brother Florian; the 18-year-old currently in hospital in France.

Roche would also day a few days off and “hopefully I’ll bounce back in a few weeks time”.

We wish him well and look forward to writing about Roche up the road again very soon.