Stickybottle and Dundalk IT join forces to research Irish racing cyclists

Posted on: December 8th, 2018

Whatever level you raced at this year, and no matter how often you competed; you can play your part in our research (Photo: Sean Rowe)


Ever wondered how your approach to training, racing and spending money on your bike and kit compares to the rider next to you in the bunch?

Well, wonder no more.

Stickybottle has teamed up with Dundalk Institute of Technology in a bid to answer some of those questions.

Darren Kelly McCann is the key person behind the research, as part of his data analytics studies in Dundalk.

He is the author of the site, for which he won sports blogger of the year the National Blog Awards this year.

But for this project he has his academic’s hat on.

We are looking to get a large volume of racing cyclists, who hold Cycling Ireland licences, completing the survey below.

The introductory remarks to the questions explain what the research is all about.

Two important things to note; this survey can be completed very quickly and it’s anonymous. There will be no effort made to identify any respondents.

So by completing the survey you’ll be helping us in adding to the data; the results of which we’ll publish soon. But your privacy is guaranteed.

The results of this should be really interesting for all racing cyclists in Ireland. So we’d be very grateful if you’d take a few minutes to play your part.


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