Dublin Fire Brigade now joins Garda in cyclist hi-vis “operation”

Posted on: February 21st, 2019

A member of Dublin Fire Brigade flagging down a cyclist on the street in an operation to distribute hi-vis and lights to those cyclists passing by.


Dublin Fire Brigade has now joined the Garda in staging operations to distribute lights, hi-vis jackets and arm bands to passing cyclists.

Lights are a legal requirement in Ireland after dark. Any cyclist taking to the roads in the hours of darkness must have them. And cyclists flouting the law can be fined or even convicted.

Hi-vis items – vests, armbands and so on – have the same legal status as helmets; not required under law but recommended by some safety groups.

However, there is no legal requirement to wear hi-vis or helmets. The Irish Government has reviewed the issue in recent months and decided not to make them compulsory.

The Garda and Dublin Fire Brigade ran a joint operation distributing lights and hi-vis outside Phibsborough Garda station in Dublin last night.

During the operation the emergency services personnel were stepping into the road and flagging down passing cyclists; a step beyond “distributing” the items as they suggested.

However, one welcome development was the Garda’s messaging around the operation.

Just before Christmas when a similar event was held the Garda said they were “checking” that cyclists were wearing hi-vis.

That was seen as highly unusual in that because there is no legal obligation to wear hi-vis there was nothing to check.

Last night’s operation also hasn’t gone down that well with some cyclists; many saying online they would prefer to see the Garda clamping down on poor driving and illegally parked cars.