Dublin cyclist in crash with coach set to have leg amputated

Posted on: July 9th, 2018

Dublin cyclist leg amputated crash

The coach with the cyclist’s bike under the front wheel, right of photo. The victim’s wife has now revealed her husband is having his leg amputated (Photo: Jack Nance – @nicokeano)


Dublin cyclist set to have leg amputated after crash


A Dublin cyclist who suffered a leg injury in a crash with a tourist coach in the city is set to lose his leg as a result.

The victim’s wife joined a protest in Dublin at the weekend which called for the Liffey cycle way to be completed.

The cycleway has been in the planning stages for seven years. But it is no closer to construction beginning.

It would stretch from Phoenix Park all the way down the north side of the Liffey to the Point Village beyond the International Financial Services Centre.

At present cyclists share the road with vehicles on that route. And the stretch is often busy with buses and other large vehicles.

Eileen Carton from Swords in north Co Dublin said her husband, Peter, had just been told he would lose his leg.

He was riding over Butt Bridge last month when he was involved in a crash with a coach turning left onto the quays.

The Garda is investigating the crash and details of exactly how it occurred are not yet established.

News reports, including on stickybottle, detailed how the cyclist – now known to be Peter Carton – had sustained a serious leg injury.

The coverage also detailed how he remained in hospital with a serious leg injury.

Ms Carton has now told The Times newspaper her husband’s leg will be amputated, such are his injuries.

And she believed he would not be in such a grave situation if cyclists were catered for with safe infrastructure, segregated from traffic, along the River Liffey.

“He cycled from Swords to the city every day for the last 30 years,” she said of a man who had always led an active life.

“(He) ran 10 kilometres every Sunday and coached football. So being stuck in a bed is torturous for him,” she said.

“I absolutely believe my husband would have been protected if we had the Liffey cycle route,” Ms Carton added.

And she believed cyclists were being forced to risk their lives under the current roads set-up. This was unfair and needed to change.


Sunday’s Liffey cycle protest