Drivers complained cyclist’s death caused Dublin traffic jam, says family

Posted on: January 27th, 2019

When a cyclist was killed in Dublin, drivers were complaining within an hour that the fatality was causing traffic delays, the victim’s family has said in an interview following another disturbing incident in recent days. Neil Fox was speaking about the aftermath of the death of his sister, Donna Fox, above. His comments come days after people were taking photos of the scene where a woman died in a car crash in Dublin last week.


Neil Fox, whose sister Donna Fox was killed while cycling in Dublin city, has said within an hour of her death motorists were complaining of the traffic delays it caused.

“It was written about an hour after it happened, so I wouldn’t have even known she had been in an accident at that point,” he said.

“But people were writing comments straight away giving out about cyclists and jumping to conclusions.

“Within an hour of my sister’s fatal crash people were giving out online that it was delaying traffic because the emergency services were obviously at the scene.

“It was as if she wasn’t even a human being to them. I don’t think there’s any excuse, it’s somebody’s life.

“It’s somebody’s family, partner, neighbour or friend, they are a human being and it’s somebody’s life.”

Neil Fox was speaking to The Irish Independent after photos and video were taken in recent days of a fatal crash on Dublin’s roads.

From Naul, Co Dublin, Neil urged people not to share the images taken at the scene of Jackie Griffin’s death on the M50 on Thursday.

He said while many people complained about social media companies not blocking such content, it was up to individuals not to take the photos and video or share them around.

Donna Fox’s death occurred at the junction between Seville Place and Sheriff St Upper at 10.40am on September 6th, 2016.

The 30-year-old was intending to travel straight through the junction as she cycled to her place of work on Basin St.

As she pulled up to the traffic lights, a truck was already at the lights and the driver was intending to turn left.

Her inquest was also told she would not have seen the driver put on his left indicator just before he began to turn left.

That movement by the driver knocked Donna Fox from her bike and she suffered multiple injuries, which proved fatal, when struck by the large vehicle.