Man “fond of the drink” in court after caught cycling drunk by gardai

Posted on: October 8th, 2018

Cycling drunk has been a specific offence under Irish law for some years. However, convictions are rare.


A man who was said to be “fond of the drink” has been fined by a judge in Longford for drunk cycling.

Prosecutions for cycling while under the influence of alcohol are very rare in Ireland. The law was changed in 2010 to more specifically target the offence.

In the latest case, a 58-year-old man appeared before Longford District Court. He had been charged under the Road Traffic Act, 2010.

The accused, Stefan Kasteikan, was charged with cycling a pedal cycle while under the influence during Christmas week last year.

Kasteikan, with an address in Longford, was caught cycling while drunk on Ballinalee Road, Longford, on December 23rd.

Sgt Paddy McGirl gave evidence to the court, explaining that on the day in question a number of gardai were at the scene of a road traffic crash on Ballinalee Road.

“The defendant was on a pedal bicycle and he cycled out in front of traffic. He was highly intoxicated on the occasion,” Sgt McGirl told the court.

Solicitor John Quinn, who was representing Kasteikan, said the car on the scene at the time was not damaged.

“My client is Polish, has a disability and unfortunately is fond of the drink,” Mr Quinn told Judge Seamus Hughes.

Fining Kasteikan €250 for the offence, Judge Hughes said riding around on a bike drunk was a serious matter. Accordingly, he convicted and fined the accused man.


What the law says about drunk cycling

Section 6 Road Traffic Act, 2010 (click for larger version)