Audio: Never broadcast interview with Walsh on Humphries and Armstrong

Posted on: October 9th, 2017

David Walsh Tom Humphries Lance Armstrong Matt Cooper interview

In a 2012 interview released now Cooper asked Walsh if his pursuit of Lance Armstrong for doping while supporting a colleague accused of child sex abuse might seem strange to some people.


David Walsh on Tom Humphries & Lance Armstrong in 2012 Matt Cooper interview


Today FM broadcaster Matt Cooper has now released an interview from 2012 with journalist David Walsh.

He asks Walsh about, what Cooper believed, were his contradictory stances on Lance Armstrong being accused of doping and a journalist friend Tom Humphries being accused of child sex abuse.

At the time, in December, 2012, Walsh was bringing out his book on Armstrong; Seven Deadly Sins. The abuse allegations against Humphries him had been published in the media at the time.

Walsh described in his book how Humphries was the most talented journalist he had known. And said he was “a fine man too”.

When he was being interviewed by Cooper at the time about the book, Walsh brought Humphries into the conversation.

In a segment, which you can hear by following this link, broadcast on Today FM yesterday, Cooper said he couldn’t believe Walsh had made glowing references to Humphries in the interview.

He then went on to ask him about this. Cooper said yesterday that he didn’t broadcast that particualar part of the interview at the time for legal reasons, as Humphries was under investigation.

But he said yesterday because David Walsh had “doubled down” in repeating his support for Tom Humphries in The Sunday Times at the weekend, he felt it was fair to broadcast the 2012 comments now.

Those 2012 remarks were made when the allegations against Humphries were known but still under investigation.

Humphries was convicted last week. It also emerged last week that Walsh was one of two people who wrote a character reference for him which was presented to the court.

And in his comments in his newspaper column on Sunday, Walsh explained he had been friends with Humphries for many years and so he couldn’t abandon him now.

Because Walsh is Irish, has written so extensively about Armstrong and because Armstrong has now been introduced in a strange way into the Humphries story; we at stickybottle have decided to cover it.

The exchange with Walsh from 2012 in which Cooper introduces Lance Armstrong into the Tom Humphries story is just below. And you can hear the full interview by clicking on this link.

Matt Cooper: Would it not appear strange, perhaps, to people that you’re defending (Tom Humphries) in that some respects he is; it’s a bit parallel to the whole Lance Armstrong situation.

If somebody had defended Lance Armstrong in the way that you’re defending him you would not have believed them.

David Walsh: No, Matt, no. I think the comparison you have made is odious, I really do. I think it’s completely inappropriate.

And all I would say about the Tom situation is that I know a damn sight more about it than most people. I believe Tom is a fine man. And I believe in the end, that will come out and people will understand he’s a fine man.

I guarantee you; anybody who knows Tom and has remained in touch with him over the last 2½ years will offer you exactly the same view that I’m offering.

They will have no doubts. And Tom has shown himself to be a fine man through this.