Dan Martin’s new €700 special edition Mavic Tour shoes

Posted on: July 7th, 2019

Dan Martin is sporting some new shoes at the Tour de France; a special edition pair of Mavic Comete Ultimates which normally retail at €700.

When you’re Dan Martin you don’t just get any old pair of shoes to ride the Tour de France in.

You get a new €700 pair that nobody else in the world will ever have; a special edition of Mavic Comete Ultimates all for you.

His have a special shamrock design and they also feature the initials of his wife and two daughters; Jess, Daisy and Ella.

The UAE Team Emirates climber has worked with Mavic in recent years to help develop the Mavic Comete Ultimate shoe.

Martin first wore what was then a prototype of the shoe at the Tour de France back in 2016.

At that point he’d been working with Mavic for over two years on the shoes.

They have since gone on general release, for €700 from the company’s website.

The shoe features a carbon fibre exoskeleton, into which a separate inner slipper is placed.

Mavic claims the structure of the shoe, and the much lower stack height, ensures a much better rate of power transfer.

It believes more of the power generated by a rider gets into the bike’s momentum.

The regular Mavic Comete Ultimate

The top bit is like a slipper that goes into the bottom, carbon fibre, shoe

They are a sweet looking pair of ones and twos…

A very neat set-up

These shoes are sooooo posh they come with their own mini suitcase