Dan Martin’s legs looking in extreme condition for Tour de France

Posted on: July 6th, 2018

Dan Martin’s legs ripped

These are the legs of Dan Martin on the eve of the Tour de France. He looks ripped and  ready to go…


Dan Martin’s legs looking ripped for Tour de France


Gunning for a top ride in the Tour de France over the next three weeks, Dan Martin’s legs are looking ripped and ready to go.

He’s carrying no fat; his extreme condition ensuring muscles and veins all the way.

This shot was taken by his team mate just before the battle gets underway on Saturday.

Martin’s relationship with the race has become a love affair in recent years; the Irish rider now focussed on the Tour like never before.

During the last two editions he was a QuickStep rider; part of a team geared up for the sprints rather than the overall.

But he was still 9th and 6th when the race reached Paris. His best result came last year despite crashing hard on stage 8.

This time around Dan Martin is leader with UAE Team Emirates. And he believes he will get much better support.

He told ITV he was going to treat the race as a series of one-day events. He added he’d dearly love a stage win in the difficult opening week.

“It’s the Tour de France; you can lose it on any day,” he said. “There’s very few opportunities to gain time. But if there are any; I’m going to try to take them.

“The most important thing is that we race with a smile, and if we do that, then the results will follow.

“I’m committed to the GC, but I’m just going to enjoy the race. It’s a rollercoaster, and I’m bound to lose some time at some point. But I’ll gain some time at others.

“It would be nice to come away with a stage victory. But there’s not a single rider on the start line who isn’t thinking that. It’s a tough field this year, but it is every year.”