Woman files for divorce because of husband’s cycling obsession

Posted on: February 23rd, 2018

Woman files for divorce over husband's cycling obsession

One man’s cycling obsession has brought an end to his marriage; and a major dent to his bank balance by the sounds of things. But is his worst bike sin really that bad?


Woman files for divorce over husband’s cycling obsession


We all love cycling and sometimes we must make sacrifices for the bike. But some cyclists do take it a bit too far.

A divorce case in Turkey shows that occasionally our relationships with our bikes squeeze out the other things in our lives.

In the case of this cyclist; he’s paying for his commitment with his marriage. His wife has had enough.

Before we go any further, we’ll say one thing: female cyclists are just as bad (good?) as their male counterparts.

But the obsession in this sad tale is all on the male side. And he’s being divorced by his wife for what sounds like a fairly minor indiscretion to us.

The Turkish woman seeking the divorce is doing so on the grounds her, soon to be ex, husband is obsessed with his bike.

And, according to The Daily Sabah, she claims his cycling obsession has ruined her life.

The woman, known as Yağmur Z, has been married to the cyclist, Burak Z, for two years.

The cyclist’s wife is seeking 400,000 Turkish lira, about €86,000, in compensation. The woman believes she is entitled to it because of the mental turmoil she has been put through.

“My husband always spends time with his bicycle. He has a different kind of a bond with it,” said the Istanbul woman.

It appears her main complaint is that her husband cleans and fixes his bike on a daily basis.

And apparently he does so in the middle of the living room (though we’ve no idea what he has done wrong – Ed).

“This is not an ordinary attachment. He is literally in love with the bike,” the woman has reportedly said in her divorce claim.

She also claims her husband has abandoned her for his bike.