Cyclists are searching for this Dublin taxi driver, do you know him?

Posted on: June 14th, 2018

Dublin cyclists searching for this taxi driver

We’ve got his photo, above, and licence number. But do you know where we can find this taxi driver?


Dublin cyclists searching for this taxi driver


We’ve brought you plenty of stories down the years about dodgy road user behaviour; from cyclists and drivers alike.

But here’s a story of a different kind. I Bike Dublin wants to find this taxi driver to thank him for his consideration.

Yep; it’s one of those rare occasions when cyclists are looking for a taxi driver to highlight his driving; for all the right reasons.

He seems to have had a problem,  a breakdown, in Dublin’s south inner yesterday.

But rather than push his car into the side of the road, and block the cycle lane, he made sure to leave the bike lane free.

As the photos below reveal, he stuck his breakdown sign behind his car to act as a warning for approaching traffic.

These photos were taken when he’d left the car, likely to go and get assistance.

The I Bike Dublin campaign wants to track him down and make an example of him; to thank him for his consideration.

Let’s find this guy. If you know him get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll pass on his details.