People are getting very excited about this cyclist being fined by gardai

Posted on: December 4th, 2017

Cyclist fined by Garda in Dublin gets huge

The Garda got a huge response from the public when it announced it had fined this cyclist. He had broken a red light in Dublin and was caught and issued with an on the spot fine.


Cyclist fined by Garda in Dublin gets huge response


A Garda Tweet announcing a cyclist had been fined for breaking a red light has gotten people very excited.

At the time of writing the response has been off the charts in comparison to the reaction the Garda Twitter accounts normally sees.

The photo of the cyclist being spoken to and fined by the gardai had been “liked” 1,300 times.

And judging by the “like” rate – a crude measurement of public opinion, it must be said – and the comments that followed it seems large numbers of people have a huge appetite for cyclists being brought to book.

The reaction looks like one of the biggest of the year, which is a worry.

The case in question saw a man on a Dublin Bike stopped on Westmoreland St in Dublin’s south inner city.

He had just broken a red light and was pulled over by the Garda. The fine he was issued with costs €40.