Cycling Ireland clashes with Garda over cyclist Vs motorist poll

Posted on: January 5th, 2018

Unperturbed by criticism, the Garda released the results of its motorists Vs cyclists poll today. And then Cycling Ireland weighed into the Garda for its actions.


Cycling Ireland clashes with Garda over cyclist Vs motorist poll


Cycling Ireland has criticised the Garda for its poll on cyclists and motorists.

The national governing body said the poll was “juvenile” and promoted “irresponsible messages”.

It also criticised the Garda for running the poll at a time when a 50 per cent increase in cyclist deaths on the roads had occurred.

The controversy began yesterday when the Garda ran a Twitter poll via its Garda Traffic account.

It asked users to vote to decide which was more dangerous; a motorist parking in a bike lane or a cyclist breaking a red light.

When challenged online by many Twitter users who claimed the poll pitted motorists and cyclists against each other, the Garda defended itself.

Whoever was manning the Garda Twitter account said both practices offered as options in the poll were dangerous.

Further messages from the Garda account said the poll was being conducted to begin a conversation about road safety.

And today, unperturbed by the criticism, the Garda account released the results of its poll.

For the record, 12,300 votes were cast. Some 55 per cent of respondents believed a car parking in a cycle lane was more dangerous.

And the remaining 45 per cent believe cyclists breaking red lights was more dangerous.

When the poll results were shared by the Garda in a further Tweet today, Cycling Ireland weighed in.

“Please Garda Traffic this is not starting conversation,” a message from the Cycling Ireland Twitter account said.

“This is not getting people talking about how to share the road. What you have just conducted is juvenile, with irresponsible messages.

“Lives are being lost on the roads, and you choose instead to create a hostile environment.”