Video: ‘Cycling Behaviour Ireland’ photos, videos shot while driving

Posted on: January 6th, 2019

Cycling Behaviour Ireland

This is one group of cyclists that raised the ire of Cycling Behaviour Ireland; trying to pose as a cyclist themselves but clearly illegally shooting video and photos of cyclists while driving.


A Twitter account that pledges to share examples of ‘Cycling behaviour in Ireland whether it’s food (sic) bad or other’ has sprung up.

Whoever is behind it is trying to pose as a cyclist themselves, saying earlier today they were “off for a cycle”.

However, the purpose of the account seems to be for the user to vent their spleen at cyclists on the roads.

Some of the images and clips shared to date are from Dublin. With others, the location is more difficult to determine.

However, while objecting to and highlighting groups of cyclists and individuals riding along in an “objectionable” manner, the content is clearly being shot from the behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Using a mobile phone for any purpose while driving is illegal in Ireland. However, none of the cyclists featured so far appears to be breaking any of the rules of the road.

Some Twitter users who have been most vocal in advocating for cyclists are tagged in Tweets, with ‘Cycling Behaviour Ireland’ clearly keen to get them commenting.

The account admonishes one group for riding three abreast when the cyclists are clearly not doing so. Others are admonished for riding two abreast on a narrow road “because they can”.

It will be interesting to see this one develop, with one or two of the contributions to date having attracted a very large number of replies and views.

“Spectacular” output so far…