Cycle mechanic on how he floored this guy trying to steal his bike

Posted on: August 11th, 2017

Cycle mechanic on how he floored bike thief

As this guy, caught on CCTV, moves in to take the bike, the tall and well built bike mechanic runs out and floors him.


Cycle mechanic on how he floored bike thief


A bike mechanic who has gone viral since decking a would-be bike thief said he resisted tackling him more robustly.

The mechanic at 360 Cycles in Clontarf, north Dublin, was recorded on CCTV outside the store taking down a younger man who tried to make off with his bike.

The clip has been carried in media outlets at home and abroad after it was published first on stickybottle.

Most of those commenting on social media have supported the mechanic’s actions in physically tackling the man.

And many have suggested he should have gone further and meted out his own form of punishment.

However, having become something of a hero, he said he would prefer not to be named.

And while he is well over 6ft and is a very strongly built man, he also believed he was right not to go overboard in tackling the thief.

“They were young enough so I didn’t go too hard on them, I really couldn’t do that,” he said.

“I’d say they looked maybe 18 or 19 years old. But they could have been younger.  So I didn’t go too hard.”



The attempted robbery took place outside the shop at about 9pm on Monday. The mechanic was locking up the shop after the Bank Holiday.

He wheeled his bike outside and leaned it against the wall, going back into the store to quickly lock the door.

However, as he was doing that he saw one of two young men trying to cycle off on his carbon fibre racing bike.

He ran after him, jumping on the raider and pinning him onto the wet street.

“I was locking the door and I heard their bikes and saw the guy cycling away with my bike,” he said.

Asked if he was shocked, he laughed: “Jeze, no. I just wanted my bike back. I saw someone on the bike and I wanted him off it.”

With the thief knocked to the ground, they both quickly got to their feet and a brief scuffle ensued.

However, the mechanic needed to pause to stop an oncoming car driving over his bike.

“We were swinging back and forward and then he just ran away. And the other guy just threatened (me) a bit. He cycled by me slowly and made a few threats.”

He believed his experience was a lesson to all cyclists. His bike was unattended for just 17 seconds before the would-be thief moved in to grab it.

The mechanic said a review of the CCTV revealed the thief get off his own bike and wheel it towards the other young man he was with.

That second man was then cycling off on his own bike while wheeling his accomplice’s bike alongside.

He was making his getaway with the two bikes they had arrived on even before the theft was attempted.

“He jumped off and rolled his bike over to the other guy; it was all done in one motion. It definitely wasn’t their first time doing this.

“There wasn’t one word between them. It was opportunistic but it definitely wasn’t their first time trying this sort of thing. They were very well drilled.”