Car parked in same Dublin bike lane for month is finally towed away

Posted on: January 10th, 2019

This car, parked on a bike lane and with concerns expressed about its tax and insurance, was there morning after morning. But today the authorities finally acted.



A car that cyclists have been complaining about for the past month has finally been towed from its parking spot on a Dublin cycle lane.

The vehicle was towed away this morning, Thursday, much to the delight of many of the cyclists who had highlighted its presence since mid December.

Indeed one cyclist posted this morning that she had “born witness” to the car being towed away. It was parked in the bike and on a clearway on Aungier St in the south inner city.

Countless cyclists had taken videos and photos of the vehicle and the impact it was having and posted them on social media.

However, while some of the messages had taken on an exasperated tone as early as the third week in December, the authorities only acted this morning.

The vehicle’s presence, which forced cyclists out of the bike lane and into a busy inner city road, was reported to the Garda several times in recent weeks.

And as well as being parked illegally, some cyclists claimed its tax and insurance were not in order.

However, almost a month after complaints about the vehicle began, and after the car became something of a star on Twitter, it has finally been towed away.