Brailsford hits out at UK Anti Doping; won’t be “pulled into weeds”

Posted on: January 10th, 2017

The gloves are off as Dave Brailsford criticises the chair of UK Anti Doping and sidesteps questions about his future at Team Sky.


Having been embattled since before the end of the 2016 road season, Team Sky principal Dave Brailsford has insisted he won’t be “pulled down into the weeds” by the controversy surrounding the squad.

And he has strongly criticised the chair of UK Anti Doping for commenting during the agency’s ongoing inquiry into allegations of doping related wrongdoing.

UK Anti Doping is still investigating a package delivered to Team Sky in France in 2011, which the team says contained an over the counter decongestant.

The outgoing chairman of UK Anti Doping, David Kenworthy, has expressed his disappointment at the information given by Brailsford to the House of Commons’ Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee last month.

He described as “extraordinary” Brailsford having no personnel knowledge of what was in the jiffy delivered to the team in 2011 and only being in a position to say the bag contained the decongestant Fluimucil because Dr Richard Freeman had informed him of that.

However, Brailsford has now said the only thing “extraordinary” about the issue was that Kenworthy had made public remarks about an inquiry that was still ongoing.

Speaking at a team media day in Murcia, Brailsford took issue with his evidence to a parliamentary committee last month being described by Kenworthy over the weekend as “extraordinary” and “very disappointing”.

“The only extraordinary thing, I think, was the chairman of UKAD’s comments the other day when he commented about an ongoing investigation,” Brailsford said in an interview with Press Association Sport.

“As an organisation like UKAD and for the chair to say it is an extraordinary thing – that’s the extraordinary thing in itself.”

He added “most fair-minded people” would accept that if an inquiry was underway it should be allowed to run its course and reach a conclusion before key people started to speak out.

“I’m not going to get pulled down into the weeds as it were. I’m just going to respect that process, do the right thing and then when that’s concluded we can all move on.”

Asked whether he had considered his position as head of Team Sky he said he was looking forward to getting “stuck in” to the coming season. And when asked a second time about his own position he repeated his answer.