Wiggins says wife needed rehab, kids abused over his career

Posted on: November 6th, 2018

Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins cites the BBC turning up on his doorstep, above, as part of the chaos that engulfed his family. But he said it began in 2013, even before any allegations about TUEs or the jiffy bag emerged.


In the latest of a series of interviews to promote his Icons book, Bradley Wiggins has said his career had a serious impact on his wife and children.

Wiggins said the problems began after he won the Tour and later when Lance Armstrong made his doping admissions in 2013.

And when allegations about his own use of TUEs were made, after WADA was hacked in 2016, the problems re-emerged.

“My kids have suffered,” Bradley Wiggins said in an interview in The Guardian published today.

“We had to move schools and then all the stuff broke with Lance in 2013 and the kids started getting it.”

In 2016 the Fancy Bears Russian team, since charged as part of Russian-sponsored propaganda campaign, hacked WADA’s records.

And it emerged Bradley Wiggins had taken corticosteroid under TUEs in 2011, 2012 and 2013 just before Grand Tours. That included the 2012 Tour which he won.

Wiggins broke no rules as the TUEs were approved and sanctioned in the proper way.

However, some riders believed he should not have taken corticosteroids before key races, even though legal when required to treat ailments. Wiggins said they were availed of to treat allergies.

He has now said once those TUE details emerged, and the controversy around a jiffy bag delivered to Team Sky erupted, his family life came under immense pressure.

“People have free rein to put their own facts in place. Kids read headlines and their parents say things about you.

“You end up saying to your kids: ‘Just tell them to fucking do one’. They do and it’s your kids in trouble.

“Then the BBC show up on your doorstep and you can’t take your kids to school. You tell the BBC, ‘I can’t talk to you, because there’s an investigation’.

“They just want to know about the (jiffy bag) packages. The whole thing becomes an uncontrolled trial by media. In any other court it would be thrown out because the media have skewed the facts.

“You watch your family suffer, and it’s terrible. It nearly killed my wife. She ended up in rehab over it. I’m at home having to deal with it.

“Because she’s bi-polar she has this fear of shame, people watching her all the time,” he said of wife Cath. Though he added she was now doing well.

“You couldn’t say that at the time because you’ve asked for it, because you’ve won the Tour de France. No, I didn’t ask for that actually. I only asked for a fair trial.”


Sean Yates and Team Sky

Wiggins also said he no longer talks to Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford; one of the reasons being the fall-out from the TUE controversy.

However, he also said Sean Yates – one of the 21 riders featured in his new book – was treated poorly by Brailsford.

He said Yates was eased out of Team Sky management because of his links to Lance Armstrong, with whom he rode at Motorola.

“They said his health was the reason. But they got rid of him because of the association with Lance,” Wiggins alleged.

“That’s typical Dave and Sky. As long as it looks good on paper, f*** what it’s actually like behind the scenes.”