Cookson says Wiggins and Team Sky deserve reputations reinstated

Posted on: December 6th, 2017

Brian Cookson Bradley Wiggins Team Sky

The former head of cycling’s ruling body has said no doping case whatsoever had been found against Bradley Wiggins or Team Sky. People should move on and the team and rider deserved to have good reputations again.


Brian Cookson on Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky


Former UCI president Brian Cookson has called for the reputation of Bradley Wiggins to be reinstated following an inquiry by UK Anti Doping.

Cookson said there was no case against Wiggins, adding the matter was no closed.

He was referring to the recent conclusion of the inquiry into a jiffy bag delivered to Team Sky in 2011 in France.

UKAD could not determine what was in the bag. It so no doping violation had been found.

Both Team Sky and British Cycling said the bag contained an over the counter decongestant, which is not banned. But they were unable to find records to support their statements.



In an interview with the BBC, Cookson said the contents of the bag would remain a mystery.

“I think the reputation of the sport, the reputation of the team and the reputation of Bradley Wiggins should be reinstated,” he said.

“At the end of the day I have no idea what was in that package. And (I) have no idea what the so-called whistle blower told UKAD or told the Daily Mail what was in the package.

“UKAD have not been able to put a case together so that’s the end of the story.”

Cookson added he did not find it unusual that Bradley Wiggins had availed of TUEs.

“I’ve said many times before I don’t think anyone should be surprised when a professional sports team pushes the rules right to the very limit,” Cookson said.

“That’s what professional sports teams do – you see it in football, you see it in Formula One and so on.

“That’s essentially I think what’s happened here; in terms of the structures that were in place at the time, the rules were abided by.”