Jilted boyfriend admits doping so he can also get his ex banned

Posted on: December 1st, 2017

A jilted boyfriend went to the authorities and admitted his role in doping so the cyclist ex girlfriend he had coached would also be banned. Both are now banned for four years.


A US Masters champion cyclist has been given a four-year ban after her former partner turned-in both of them.

Jenna Blandford (33) from Kentucky has been banned for four years by USADA. And he former boyfriend Jeff Miller has also been banned for his role in doping.

Miller went to the authorities and admitted his guilt, by using a hotline to report doping.

He did so out of spite because Blandford had broken up their relationship.

His motivation was that while he would be banned, she would also suffer a ban.

The couple lived together and Miller coached his former girlfriend while they were still in a relationship.

Their union ended a year ago. And as they parted Miller threatened he would shop them both.

After the initial tip off he also provided evidence to support his claims. This included text exchanges between the pair and also used syringes.

And when he also handed over banned substances the evidence appeared strong.

He produced Soma-Max 10 with hGH and also oxandrolone. He had also retained receipts for buying banned drugs and surrendered them too.

Blandford denied drug use and said the evidence was faked. She also passed a drug test last December.

She continued to race and enjoyed considerable success. However, she refused to undergo DNA tests aimed at linking her, or distancing her, from the syringes that Miller had produced.

She also refused to surrender her phone so it could be examined as part of the inquiry. But the text messages supplied by Miller showed she had discussed her doping.

The American Arbitration Association (AAA) report into the episode states it did not find Miller to be credible.

“Standing alone, Miller’s testimony would certainly be inadequate to comfortably satisfy the arbitrator,” it said.

“It is the opinion of the Arbitrator that Miller reported Blandford out of spite three days after she left him, despite his testimony that he reported her because he regretted that ‘we were cheating our friends’.”

But it said the text evidence was damning.

“The culmination of all the evidence was more than adequate to comfortably satisfy the arbitrator and establish that an anti-doping rule violation occurred.”

She received a four-year ban for possessing and using ”testosterone, human growth hormone and oxandrolone”.