Club cyclist says 5 bikes stolen because his Strava times are so fast

Posted on: September 23rd, 2018

A club cyclist believes a combination of his fast times on Strava, coupled with his location being narrowed down by the app, probably resulted in his bikes being stolen.


A club cyclist believes his bikes were stolen because his Strava times were so fast the thieves would have known he had expensive bicycles

Adam Jones (51) said he had five bikes stolen by thieves who broke into his garage. They took the good bikes and left behind the cheaper ones, owned by his wife.

The stole bikes included an Inifinito CV, a Dolan Scala TT bike, a Specialized Tarmac, a Bianchi Oltre XR2 and a BMC Roadmachine.

Jones, who works in public relations and lives in Essex, said he believed whoever stolen his bikes were only seeking better models.

And he believes they were able to track his house through his Strava activity. After fixing on a location, he said his fast times on Strava would have confirmed he was a serious cyclist with good bikes.

He encouraged other cyclists to set their privacy settings to conceal where they started and finished their rides.

Jones also felt his social media posts, including photos of his bikes, may have helped this who targeted him.

“It’s like an advert saying, ‘Come and steal me’, he said of posting bike photographs.

A local bike mechanic suggested someone could work out from Strava where his house was.

He added if they could also see he had fast times, that was enough to strongly suggest where expensive bikes could be found.

When the bikes were first stolen he began suspecting the bikes were taken by someone who knew him.

“But then after speaking to one of the cycling shops here, the chap said: ‘Are you quick and are you on Strava?’

“I had no idea that what criminals are doing is working out where people are cycling, then using that to track where they live.

“They are making the correlation between people posting quick times and having better equipment.”