Video: Check out the bike throw that won Arctic Norway stage

Posted on: August 12th, 2017

August Jensen bike throw


August Jensen bike throw Arctic Race of Norway




What we’re looking for here is the extent to which August Jensen (Coop) threw his bike. He gets the front over the finish line just that tiny bit quicker by doing so.

Notice his chest in the above photo is resting on his white saddle, which you can just about see in the shot.

He’s lunged so far forward and low down that his bum is behind his saddle, hanging over his back wheel.

And his saddle meets his chest bone. It’s a totally unnatural position created in the throw, see video below.

It’s that throw which gives the bike a bit of extra momentum at the precise second it’s needed.


August Jensen bike throw

Look how much further back Jensen’s backside is; it’s right over the bike wheel. That’s because he puts so much effort into pushing the handlebars forward on the line. And he also gets so low while pushing forward that the rest of his body is pushed way back.


The man next to him Dylan Teuns is lunging too, but he’s still in the saddle.

And it was definitely the more effective lunge or throw by Jensen that won him the stage.

The two riders were in the lead group coming up the final climb. The action was on stage 3 of the Arctic Race of Norway yesterday.

Teuns (BMC Racing) is the race leader. As a result he was forced to chase attacks on the early part of the finish climb.

The flying Teuns looked to have it won. But the aerial shot shows Jensen coming from a long way back. He pulls level with Teuns and then throws the bike to win.


That bike throw…