Sneak preview US champ’s new Aqua Blue Sport stars and stripes bike

Posted on: November 28th, 2017

Larry Warbasse Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA US bike

Aqua Blue Sport produced arguably the kit of the year for Larry Warbasse when he won the US national road title. And now here’s a sneak preview of his new stars and stripes 2018 bike.


Larry Warbasse Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA US bike


Set to start the new road race season as the US champion, Larry Warbasse will this time have the Aqua Blue Sport bike to match his kit.

The American champion’s stars and stripes jersey and shorts produced for him after he won the title in June was one of the sharpest looks in the bunch.

And while his new frame is a little more subtle; the US livery is there in splashes.

Aqua Blue Sport owner Rick Delaney tweeted a photo earlier today of his new frame in the middle of Warbasse’s two new ones.

The Irish ProContinental team is riding the 3T STRADA road bike next year.

It is built with its wide tyres as the starting point. Everything else has followed that feature.

There’s only one front chainring. That design element is included so the width of the bottom bracket can be reduced to make that section of the bike more aero.

The team will use 28mm tyres, for comfort and aerodynamics. Disc brakes are standard. The width of the tubing is designed to offer a sleek aero effect.

There is obviously no front derailleur. It means the bottom bracket area is unusually slimmed down.


Larry Warbasse Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA US bike

Larry Warbasse in his Aqua Blue Sport US champion’s kit. Our favourite this year by a mile.