Video: Aqua Blue Sport to ride this radical new road bike in 2018

Posted on: September 21st, 2017

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

This is the groundbreaking new 3T STRADA bike Irish ProContinental team Aqua Blue Sport will ride next year and we’re loving it already. It has some very dynamic elements and has done away with convention with many of its design features.


Aqua Blue Sport to ride 3T STRADA bike


Having broken the sporting mould already this year in becoming the first Irish team to ride a Grand Tour Aqua Blue Sport is at it again.

This time the ProContinental squad has signed a deal that will see its men ride one of the most unusual and radically designed bikes in the pro peloton.

The 3T STRADA road bike is, for starters, built with its wide tyres as the starting point. Everything else has followed that feature.

And during team talks before races and post mortems after them, gone will be talk of what climbs are for the big or small rings.

With this machine there’s only one front chainring. That design element is included so the width of the bottom bracket can be reduced to make that section of the bike more aero.


Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike


And the clearance between the tyres and forks or frame is absolutely tiny; again for aero purposes.

3T is already well established in cycling. But its known for making parts rather than bikes; handlebars, stems and seat posts.

Its new bike comes with 28m tyres, for comfort and aerodynamics. Disc brakes are standard and the width of the tubing is designed to offer a sleek aero effect all over.

With one chainring and no front derailleur, the bottom bracket area is unusually slimmed down. And it’s quite eye-catching.

It’s not a foregone conclusion that team will race on the one-by set-up. So we’ll wait and see what happens in that regard.

Indeed, 3T has already said it will make an Aqua Blue Sport edition of the bike.

But the result of the one-by bike the company has presented to the public is an 11 to 36 cassette on the back.



Team owner Rick Delaney said the Irish outfit was attracted to 3T’s sense of innovation.

“What 3T have designed is truly a step forward in bicycle design,” he said. “We are delighted to bring this bike to the professional ranks and ride it in the world’s biggest events.”

Gerard Vroomen, 3T’s co-owner and head of design, said he hopes for a long-lasting relationship with Aqua Blue Sport.

“We watched Aqua Blue Sport’s successes on the roads. With victories at the US National Championships, the Tour of Austria and La Vuelta.

“Even more importantly, they recognise that the pro-cycling business model has to change and their innovative new funding model is a great idea.

“Taking all of this together, we felt that this was something we really wanted to get involved in.

“We are very excited to supply 3T frames and parts. And (to) help Rick and his whole team to continue to make their project grow into an even bigger success.”


Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike

Aqua Blue Sport 3T STRADA bike