Chris Froome legs skinny and ripped ahead of Liège–Bastogne–Liège

Posted on: April 24th, 2014

Chris Froome's legs skinny and ripped

Chris Froome legs are skinny and ripped He has clearly been minding himself well and also training very hard (Source: Chris Froome)


Chris Froome legs skinny and ripped


Clearly Chris Froome has skinny and ripped legs several months out from his big goal of the year, the Tour de France.

Team Sky is known for its scientific approach and getting as much as it can out of its riders.

And by the look of the legs on Froome, he’s been sticking to that philosophy rigidly.

He has not been easing off in his training towards Liège–Bastogne–Liège this weekend.

Froome’s legs are as skinny and ripped as we’ve ever seen them. And even though his big events don’t take place for quite some time he’s really on top of his condition.

According to his own website he’s 6′ 1″ and weighs 10 stone 12lbs.

Judging by his condition right now, he’s been keenly minding his power to weight ratio.

The Great Britain rider will be one of Dan Martin’s main opponents in Liège–Bastogne–Liège this Sunday.

Froome released the photo of his legs on Twitter today. He’s clearly happy with his shape and is keen to show it off ahead of a big encounter.

Earlier in the year published the first shots of the new Team Sky mesh skin suit. And posted shots of the sun burn he suffered wearing some of the team’s 2014 kit.


Chris Froome's legs skinny and ripped

Froome’s photo unveiling the new Team Sky ultra light gear; clothing designed to aid speed and keep riders cool rather than protect their modesty. This kit will be great for those really hot days in France in July.


Chris Froome's legs skinny and ripped

Froome shows off his recent sunburn after riding wearing some of the 2014 kit (Source: Chris Froome)