Amphetamine-like substance in ‘pre-training formula’ sold in Ireland

Posted on: March 1st, 2017

A pre-training formula found to contain an “amphetamine-like substance” was sold in Irish stores.


The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has listed an “amphetamine-like substance” found to be contained in a pre-training formula as one of its food alerts issued last year.

The authority has today released its annual figures and has included the warning about the pre-training formula among its 38 food alerts issued during 2016.

The FSAI recalled the Dorian Yates NOXPUMP Pre-training Formula “due to presence of amphetamine-like substances”.

The recall related to products with the batch code “13053803, Expiry 12/18 and 14053334, Expiry 05/17” and “all batches containing Acacia rigidula in the list of ingredients”.

It said in the food alert at the time, last January: “The FSAI has been informed by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority that two batches of this product contain the substances Methyl-synephrine (Oxilofrine), ß-Methylphenethylamine (BMPEA) , and N_ß-dimethylphenethylamine.

“This product was sold to a number of sport and health stores in Ireland.  In addition, the product is labelled to contain the unauthorised novel food ingredient Acacia rigidula.”

It added the “substances have an amphetamine-like effect and are harmful to health”.

BMPEA was being included as an ingredient in a number of weight loss products originating in the US.

There the authorities have moved against products containing BMPEA, informing companies who have added the chemical to their products to withdraw them.

It did so because BMPEA had not been tested on people and because of its stimulant properties.

In the US some products labelled as containing Acacia rigidula, a shrub claimed to have fat-burning properties, were found to contain BMPEA, a lab-created chemical.

The products were marketed as substances that aided weight loss, increased energy and sharpened focus.