Sky News editor’s insane advice to cyclists after London jogger attack

Posted on: August 11th, 2017

Adam Boulton cyclists London jogger

After a jogger pushed a woman into a road and almost under the wheels of bus, Adam Boulton has linked cyclists to the incident.


Adam Boulton advice to cyclists after London jogger attack


Sky may sponsor the world’s biggest cycling team but the cycling enlightenment clearly hasn’t reached its on-air “talent”.

Sky News’s editor at large Adam Boulton has offered up insane advice to cyclists and joggers.

He was commenting on an attack by a jogger who pushed a pedestrian into the road and almost under the wheels of a bus on a London bridge.

CCTV footage of the incident has made it a major story. A financial professional arrested for questioning has denied he was the jogger.



However, Boulton believes the case should act as a lesson to joggers and cyclists, telling them there is no room for them in central London.

“Joggers and cyclists don’t fit on inner city thoroughfares. Find a park or track,” he said on Twitter.

Boulton was widely criticised for his remark, with many pointing out there were no cyclists even involved in the London incident.


Adam Boulton on London incident


Twitter not happy with Adam Boulton