Video: How to make winter turbo trainer sessions less boring

Posted on: October 19th, 2017

Embracing the turbo trainer at this time of year will make you stronger, but you should try to use some of these tips to make it more tolerable.


Training indoors can be a really effective way of getting fit, especially when the weather is bad at this time of year.

You can set out your plans and execute them without getting distracted by detours, punctures or having too much craic with your local chaingang.

The removal of undulating terrain, wind and other surprises that can come your way on the open roads often means the quality of turbo training can be much higher and more consistent than getting out and about.

But let’s face it; training indoors can be very bloody boring and mentally challenging.

The video below outlines 10 ways you can keep it interesting. It’s well worth a look whatever your fitness levels or training goals.



10 ways to make winter turbo trainer sessions less boring

Turbo training groups are springing up everywhere across the country; having company can be a great motivator.