Video: The madness of winter training methods back in 1986

Posted on: December 22nd, 2016

Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche out for a spin on Howth Head, Dublin, in 1985 at the start of the Rás. We look back on what training methods were like then (Photo with many thanks to Ronan Fox)


Here’s a great little clip looking back on 1986, and the scary thing is that some of us in this parish can remember these training methods.

Okay, so we were too lazy and too soft to deny ourselves food and drink. But we recall when it was recommended to go for hours and hours very slowly and only aim to be fit for summer.

Back then heart monitors were called ‘pulse meters’ and we didn’t know very much about them, other than they looked good and gave us an air of authority.

Who remembers riding up climbs in the big ring to get strong? Yep, we do!

And we definitely recall having very cold feet, and sometimes running (especially during puncture stops or Mars bar and coke stops) to get the circulation going.

Ah, those were the days. This is well, well worth a look, well done to the lads at GCN.

Just for the record, we can remember some of this training because much of it survived into the 1990s. We were far too young in 1986 to be out riding a bike (we swear – Ed).


Back to 1986; some of us actually did this…