Video: 7 tips to improve our average speed on any bike ride

Posted on: February 11th, 2018

how to improve average speed cycling

Improve average speed cycling: There are practical things we can do immediately to improve our average speed; and significant benefits that come with it. Here’s seven tips to get started.


How to improve your average speed cycling


We may never become pro riders but most of us strive to get fitter and stronger. It makes cycling more enjoyable and enables us to become more adventurous.

Being able to achieve a well-paced and faster average speed on the bike brings many advantages.

We can go further and there’s less chance of training too hard or too easy.

Furthermore, we avoid being shattered after cycling, rendering us unable to train again as soon, hard or far as we might like next time around.

If we improve average speed while cycling it also means we’ll start to do higher value sessions.

Put simply, we’ll get fitter, and faster, with good quality sessions across all of riding time. We’ll avoid undertraining for some sections of our ride and then overdoing it on other sections.

The lads at Global Cycling Network have put together the video below on how to improve average speed cycling. The points covered include:

  • Body position; are you sitting on the bike the best way?
  • Pacing; are you spreading your effort properly across your rides?
  • Training at sweetspot; do you train often enough just below the best pace you can sustain for an hour?
  • Eating on the go; are you sure you’re eating often enough, and the right food and drink at the right times?
  • Weight; a few kilos can make a big difference, could you lose a bit?
  • Aerodynamics; are you using tight clothing, aero helmet and/or other kit?
  • Plan your route; are you planning routes that will maximise your pace all the way depending on weather and terrain?