Video: Essential tips for cycling in really hot conditions

Posted on: June 17th, 2017

Video: Essential tips for cycling in really hot conditions

It’s sizzling out there; no better time for a bike ride. Make sure you use these tips so you don’t end up shattered.


Tips for cycling in really hot conditions


Us bike riders complain most about wet, cold or windy conditions. But it’s when we meet with intense heat that we face our biggest difficulties.

The GCN video below explores the main steps we need to take to face the heat and sun and come out the other side.

Failure to prepare for hot conditions can not only result in a huge dip in performance. It can also seriously damage a rider’s health.

Hydration is always vital irrespective of the weather. But when it’s hot; getting the liquids in is absolutely central.


Tips for cycling in really hot conditions

On hot days, if you’re riding a distance of even medium length, getting through at least two of these 750ml bottles is advised. The pros guzzle liquids all day and you really need to do the same. Dehydration can lead to all kinds of problems, from a massive loss to performance to bad post-ride headaches.


On a long ride when it’s hot; start with two large bottles – 750ml. And when they are gone simply stop somewhere and refill – don’t struggle on because you feel OK or you’re near home.

You should definitely be getting through your two 750ml bidons to start with.

If you do not start drinking until you feel thirsty, chances are you are already well on the way to becoming dehydrated.

So keep drinking the whole time immediately your ride or race starts. You also need to be well hydrated before you set out.

The test for this is pretty simple; if your urine is clear then you’re good to go. If it’s yellow, then you’re dehydrated so you need to get some fluids down pretty quickly.

Consistently yellow urine means you’re always dehydrated; something you need to address.

Using water with electrolytes is recommended to get the maximum hydration from the water you consume.


cycling in really hot conditions

There’s a huge variety of stay-cool mesh clothing on the market including base layer – above – and jerseys. Just be careful you don’t get fried wearing nothing under a mesh jersey like Chris Froome did last year!


The minimum amount of clothing possible is also recommended on a hot day. But if you opt for a mesh jersey to keep really cool, make sure you apply sunscreen everywhere because you will burn through it.

And no water what you wear, also be sure to apply sunscreen to your legs, arms, back of your neck, face, nose, tips of your ears and so on.

If you’re bald or getting there; make sure to apply the sunscreen to your head.

Don’t opt out of this when wearing a helmet because your head will get fried through the vents and you’ll end up looking like a zebra (but if that happens please send us the photos and we’ll publish them – ED)

The summer is here (for at least a few days – Ed); go get it!


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