Video: Look more pro while cycling by avoiding these 4 bad habits

Posted on: February 15th, 2018

No cyclist wants to be a ‘Fred’. So what do you need to do, and what mistakes do you need to avoid while cycling, in other to look slicker and more professional on your bike?


If you can’t be a professional cyclist, you may as well look the part; that’s our motto.

But very often no matter what we mere mortals do, we don’t quite look the part.

Whether it’s bobbing up and down while cycling, or sticking out our knees and elbows, we’ve all got some bad habits.

And more often that not, they not only detract from how we look on the bike; they also make us less efficient, and therefore slower.

The guys at Global Cycling Network having ridden as professionals during their racing careers. So they know a thing or two about looking the part.

They have some great tips in this clip about how to look more pro on your bike; and also become a more efficient rider as a result.