Video: How not to sprint in a bunch finish at the end of a race

Posted on: April 27th, 2018

This head-on footage of a bunch sprint in an amateur race goes wrong after basic mistakes are made. It’s an ideal clip to see how quickly things can go pear-shaped in an instant.


Video: How not to sprint in cycling race bunches


Any bike rider can be unlucky and crash. And many of us who have raced or ridden sportives have probably done things, like make sudden movements, that we shouldn’t.

These mistakes happen much more easily at speed. And they are especially common at finishes and when we are tired or under real pressure.

And though nobody in this clip, below, has deliberately done anything wrong, there are a few mistakes we can all learn from.

The guy who wins takes a strong sprint victory. But his movement across the front of the bunch should be avoided.

As he moves across his rear wheel and the front wheel of the rider behind him make contact.

And the rider behind comes down; quiet heavily. Thankfully he didn’t bring anyone else with him.

Aside from the sudden movement of the winner from right to left as we look at the group head-on, some riders sprinting with their heads down behind him.

The incident occurred at the Eldo Race Series by Bikeable Communities; a masters race series in California.

To avoid coming a cropper like this; avoid sudden movements – in any part of a group – during a sprint (indeed, at any time in a group).

And avoid putting your head down for long periods; you lose your bearings and all awareness of others around you when you put your head down like this.