Ryan Mullen Strava file for National TT Champs gold medal ride

Posted on: July 4th, 2018

These numbers summarise Ryan Mullen’s effort during his gold medal-winning ride at the National TT Championships (Homepage photo by Sean Rowe)


Ryan Mullen Strava file Irish TT Champs win 2018




Having won the national TT and road race titles last year, Ryan Mullen was a favourite for both races last week.

And while he came up short in Sunday’s road race in Co Sligo he won last Thursday night’s TT.

The course was an undulating one. Mullen has shared his Strava file for the race.

Ryan Mullen is one of the bigger riders in the pro peloton. And while he has been as light as 77kg in the past, he has given his weight as 81kg of late.

The distance covered by these numbers below is 26.1 miles, or 34.76km.

However, the moving time here is 41:25 and that’s 26 seconds more than his race time of 40:59 last Thursday.

It means he turned on his recording before the TT began or didn’t turn off until he was well passed the finish line; probably a combination of both.

The data being recorded over a slightly longer period than his race time would have the effect of diminishing his power output.

His actual numbers would have been slighter higher than in the files below, though not by very much.

Mullen won the elite TT title by 2:01 from Marcus Christie (Performance SBR). Paul Kennedy of Newcastle West CC was third.


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