New guide to best cycling routes in The Kingdom of Co Kerry

Posted on: March 21st, 2017

New guide to best cycling routes in The Kingdom of Co Kerry

New guide to best cycling routes in The Kingdom of Co Kerry

Your guide to the best cycling routes in perhaps the most beautiful part of the country for riding your bike.


Having produced some quality racing cyclists down the years, the roads of Co Kerry now form the basis of a great new book on cycling in the county.

Cycling Kerry: Great Road Routes is published by Collins Press this week.

It is a must-have for anyone serious about their cycling or those who simply want to explore the best routes in a really stunning part of Ireland.

A total of 31 routes are featured; a huge number in one county.

But Kerry does have some of Ireland’s most beautiful and untamed scenery. And there’s also 400km of rugged coastline and enticingly peaceful roads.

The featured routes range in distance, from 38km to 168km.

The book is written by Donnacha Clifford and David Elton. They are both cyclists and writers and have already been running

With this book they’ve committed to paper the knowledge they’ve collected down the years pounding the roads of The Kingdom.

And the result is an excellent reference book that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Indeed, such is the level of detail here that you’ve no business taking to Co Kerry by bike without this book.


New guide to best cycling routes in The Kingdom of Co Kerry

Overlooking O’Carrolls Cove on the Ring of Kerry, one of the routes featured in the new book.


The authors are based in Tralee, so they haven’t breezed into Kerry for a short period and churned out a book.

Instead the work is packed with local knowledge. And at €14.99 it’s very competitively priced.

‘There are some spectacular cycling routes in Kerry,” said Clifford.

“And we wanted to cover some of the most popular areas as well as roads that aren’t as well known to give a really broad range that will appeal to everyone.”

His partner in crime Elton rode to every town and village in Kerry in the space of one year, with that experience helping to inform the book.


Maps and illustrations

Each route description is illustrated with colour maps, photos, a gradient graph and key facts and statistics.

“Information is provided on the natural landmarks and historical sites you’ll see along the way,” the publishers said.

“With over 2,500km of road covered, the graded routes suit all abilities.

“In a county famous for its climbs, some of the country’s most spectacular ascents, summit views and descents feature, including the Conor Pass and Ballaghbeama.

“Take a trip through majestic mountains and along wild seashores: a cycle in Kerry will take your breath away in every sense.”

We’ll have more about this book shortly. In the meantime, if you would like to order your copy online follow this link.