My Training Week: Newcomer to Irish team in two years; Conor Hennebry’s gym & sprint work

Posted on: April 29th, 2015

Conor Hennebry started racing just two years ago and is already an U23 Irish international; he mixes gym work with his training even though the racing season is well underway (Photo: Sean Rowe)

Conor Hennebry is one of a number of really strong, dedicated and hungry U23 riders, capable of winning some big races.

The 22-year-old Carrick Wheelers man is in his final year of a Construction Management and Engineering undergrad degree in the University of Limerick so time is precious as exams loom.

Still, as the evenings get brighter he manages to stay out late in the evening in order to get his training done or get to the gym in the morning before his college day commences.

It’s all part of a plan to try and win some A1 races at home and possibly secure something abroad in either Belgium of France to see what he can do out there.

His training programme sees him do something every day of the week and as you’ll see, there’s quite a bit of sprinting and core work.

  • Name: Conor Hennebry
  • Team: Carrick Wheelers
  • Date of birth: February 16th 1993
  • Weight & height: 69kg, 171cm

Training goals this time of year

I’m not usually too strict with goals as I end up putting too much pressure on myself.

So the aim for training at the moment is not get fatter! I’m doing very little training, if any, due to projects, exams and other stuff.

I’ve fairly good level of fitness so the goal is to hold that and then after college I can train as much as I want.

General goals for the year

I don’t have any specific goals at the moment.

I had the Classic as a goal but due to it clashing with my brother’s wedding I was unable to race.

I’d love to do well in the Nationals and if all things go well, after I get my degree I’d like to race on the continent.


This is usually a rest day if I was racing the day before.

I’d be in college from 9am-5pm but sometimes I’d do some core and general fitness at home or go to circuit training in the University of Limerick (UL) arena.


Tuesday is a reasonably busy day both in college and training wise.

I’d be up at about 7:30am, in the gym for 8am and do 1½ hours there, focusing on core work, legs and running, changing it every day if I can.

I’d be in the library until about 6pm; come home make some food and be training on the turbo at 7:30pm for 1½ hours.

The session would be; 15 mins warm-up spinning, 2 sets of 3-minute efforts at 121 per cent of FTP with 2-minute rest between and then steady riding followed by warm down.

I’ve started doing some league races in Shannon since the evenings are brighter.


I’m in the gym for 8am working on my core.

I love Wednesday training on the bike as it’s sprint day.

I start with a warm-up, do four sprints in a 53×14 with 4 minutes rest in between and then another set in a 53×13/12 trying to keep a cadence of 120-130 rpm.


In the gym for 8am working on core again.

Thursday consists of a 2 hour spin on the road or 1½ hours on the turbo with some jumps.

This is normally done around the FTP mark.

Nothing crazy today but still a tough enough day.


Friday is a rest day but I’d usually go to the gym for some stretching and then to the pool and sauna just to relax.


Saturday is about 2-3 hours with some jumps thrown in.

I usually head off on my own so I don’t have to worry about other people wanting to go further or going on unsuitable roads.


I travel to a race with either my father or my brother.