Top A1 rider in Ireland compares his Rás Watts to Dan Martin’s Watts

Posted on: October 6th, 2017

Coach cyclist Matteo Cigala Rás Watts Dan Martin

Dan Martin’s power numbers from the 186km Milano-Torino are compared for us against the Watts generated during the Rás by a top rider from Ireland’s domestic road racing scene. Matteo Cigala is Ireland’s top-ranked A1 rider and coaches other cyclists (Photo: John Coleman)


Coach and top cyclist Matteo Cigala Rás Watts


Following Milano-Torino on Thursday we ran a piece on Dan Martin’s power output towards the very end of the 186km race.

The Irish pro was struggling a little but fighting back into the lead group but still produce big numbers.

In this piece, top-ranked Cycling Ireland A1 cyclist for 2017 Matteo Cigala – who is also a renowned cycling coach – gives his reaction to Martin’s Watts.

And he gives us a peak at the numbers he was generating on the Rás; just for context purposes.


By Matteo Cigala

Dan Martin, during the final climb of Superga in Milano-Torino, recorded a 1 minute peak power of 555 Watts (W).

It is, for sure, a massive number considering that it was produced after 180km. It was also done on the second time up to the Superga climb, by a rider who is only 62kg. That’s 8.95 W/kg.

What is even more impressive on this data is being able to do hold 415W for four minutes, of which one minute was at 555W.

That’s what makes the big difference. And that’s why he can win big races like LiègeBastogneLiège.

Of course this won’t be Dan Martin’s personal best one minute peak power. Let’s not forget it was recorded after four hours and at the end of a long racing season.

A top WorldTour cyclist like Dan Martin_, on a good day, can very likely go up or over 10 W/kg during their one minute peak power.

Of course when you are fresh, during training, this is different. And in my experience you can produce 30-50W more.

I have access to the data of another WorldTour Rider. He is 10kg heavier than Dan Martin and does not have the same characteristics.

What I can see is similar one minute peak power numbers.

But what makes the difference is that Dan is able to produce this power at the end of long and hard races and on steep climbs.

To give you an example, and a comparison with my own data recorded as a rider this year, I’ll out some of my numbers from the Rás. It’s an eight-day Irish stage race and has a UCI ranking of 2.2.

I was between 68kg to 70kg while generating these Watts during the Rás. So that’s 6-8kg heavier than Dan Martin.

My personal best one minute peak power is 604 Watts. That was recorded out training.

My one minute peak power Watts for each Rás stage are as follows:

Coach cyclist Matteo Cigala Rás Watts Dan Martin