Video: 5 easy ways to make yourself look more pro on the bike

Posted on: July 18th, 2018

Attention to detail is one of the ways you can look more pro while cycling. And the thorny issue of sock length must be faced and nailed down; go long(ish) or go home…


5 ways to make yourself look pro while cycling




Okay, so we can’t be the guys riding the Tour de France and we can’t even look exactly look them. But we can get much closer to looking pro, here’s how:

  • Develop your no-hands technique; including being able to put a rain jacket on and eat (though not the same time – Ed) while cycling.
  • Work on your poker face; never give the game away that you’re under real pressure. It will crack those you’re with.
  • Get you sock length right; longer (within reason) is better. And vary your jersey and short lengths to avoid crazy tan lines.
  • Pack your gear properly into your back pockets. Nothing says ‘Fred’ more than looking like you’ve stuffed a sleeping bag into a pocket.
  • Be like Sam Bennett and Peter Sagan and learn to  wheelie. Then pop a few every now and again. You’ll look like a top bike handler.



Sam Bennett, below, doesn’t have to do wheelies to make himself look more pro. Winning three stages on the Giro d’Italia will do that for you.

And, well, Sam Bennett actually is a pro. But wheelies make him look cooler. And a little bit of that can rub off on you too. Unless you go on your arse. Then you won’t look pro at all, at all.