Coaching: Five cycling work-outs to get you in real shape in 2018

Posted on: January 1st, 2018

Cycling work-outs

Cycling work-outs: We’ve just begun another year and there’s no time like the present to try some new forms of training. Here’s a guide to five new routines that you may like to try in the weeks and months ahead.


Five cycling work-outs to get in real shape


We’re into the New Year and no doubt lots of you will have plans to make 2018 a successful one on the bike.

Whether that’s top end racing goals, riding sportives or simply getting in better shape; now is a great time to start.

The lads over at Global Cycling Network have put together this clip of five cycling work-outs for 2018.

They’re all done on the open road and will help you vary your training.

These cycling work-outs should get you interested while helping you towards your cycling goals.

The five cycling work-outs focus on:

  • Cadence – to be able to better respond to attacks and never get caught in the wrong gear.
  • Standing efforts – all about climbing out of the saddle; up to flat out efforts.
  • Race-winning intervals – six 3:40 intervals; going flat out with a sprint.
  • Hour of Power – Setting a near flat-out effort with 10-second hard efforts.
  • The long ride – Aimed at increasing mental strength and readying you body for longer events.

As with any new forms of training; a ‘gently does it’ approach is best. This is especially so when trying new training routines of the first time.

These work-outs could be done by those training alone or with others. But if you are going to trying these with a training companion, don’t get drawn into a race.