Watts generated by 66kg Irish rider to make UCI race podium

Posted on: September 27th, 2017

cyclist Felix English Watts UCI podium

It takes serious power to make a podium at a UCI race. But just how many Watts, for how long and how often, do you need to generate to make the grade? We set it all out here using the Watts numbers generated by 66kg track rider Felix English. He was riding the omnium at the recent UCI GP Favorit in Brno and claimed 3rd place.


Felix English Watts for UCI track podium ride


Having been a leading pro criterium cyclist in the UK for several years, Felix English regularly won major events.

As an U18 rider, his results from the Junior Tour of Ireland demonstrated explosive power and versatility.

He won the opening prologue TT, took another victory on stage 6 and also claimed the climbers’ classification.

Within two years he was Irish criterium champion. In the following years he was a constant on the podium at the biggest pro crits in the UK.

English won four major pro races in England and during his time competing there rode for Rapha Condor and Madison Genesis; for four seasons in total.

More recently he’s gone back to his roots; riding track races. And in February of this year he teamed up with another top Irish cyclist, Mark Downey, to win gold in the Madison at the LA round of the UCI World Cup.

Felix English has teamed up with national scratch race champion and former junior road race champion Fintan Ryan. They are plying their trade all over the world under their own trackproject.ie livery.

He recently claimed 3rd with some serious Watts at UCI GP Favorit in Brno, Czech Republic. English has put together his key numbers from those omnium races.

When reading these Watts numbers, bear in mind Felix English is one of the smaller cyclists riding the track at this level; at 66kg.

He was riding 54×15 for the duration of the event on the way to the podium at the UCI event.


cyclist Felix English Watts UCI podium


Scratch race

  • 11th
  • Distance – 10km
  • Time – 12:46
  • Normalised Power 362w
  • Power 307 average, 1085 max
  • Cadence (rpm) 109 average, 145 max


cyclist Felix English Watts UCI podium


Tempo race

  • 1st
  • Distance – 10km
  • Time – 11:50
  • Normalised Power – 400 Watts
  • Power – 329 average, 1112 max
  • Cadence (rpm) – 111 average, 144 max


cyclist Felix English Watts UCI podium


Elimination race

  • 2nd
  • Distance – 45 laps
  • Time – 19:31
  • Normalised power – 372 Watts
  • Power – 360 average, 1264 max
  • Cadence (rom) – 110 average, 130 max


cyclist Felix English Watts UCI podium


Points race

  • 3rd overall
  • Distance – 25km
  • Time – 32:42
  • Normalised power – 348 Watts
  • Power – 290 average, 1332 max
  • Cadence (rpm) – 108 average, 147 max



  • 2 seconds – 1247
  • 5 seconds – 1075
  • 10 seconds – 989
  • 12 seconds – 965
  • 20 seconds – 912
  • 30 seconds – 817
  • 1 minute – 643
  • 2 minutes – 517
  • 5 minutes – 402
  • 10 minutes – 382
  • 20 minutes – 352


  • trackproject.ie riders Felix English and Fintan Ryan are now privately coaching a select group of riders. Cyclists of all abilities and disciplines are under their tutelage. To enquire contact IrishTrackTeamProject@gmail.com