Video: 5 fat-busting tips for cyclists looking to lose weight

Posted on: March 31st, 2018

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Lose weight cycling: Getting out on your bike is a great way to lose weight. But you need to get it right. These tips should really help to make the most of your miles.


Fat-busting tips for cyclists looking to lose weight


For those of us who want to lose weight, it’s always the right time to start incorporating some sensible habits into our routine.

Cycling is a great way to trim down. But you won’t shed the pounds if you’re not pushing yourself hard enough or if you’re overeating when you get home or during the coffee stop.

The guys at GCN have put together this short clip with some great advice for cyclists of any ability who want to bust fat. It’s well worth a look and some of the points include:

  • Switching from longer steady miles to high intensity training; short riders but at a much harder effort, even in winter.
  • Using water to rehydrate but also to fill yourself up at key times so you don’t overeat.
  • Eat while you’re cycling so you’ll be less likely to eat too much when you’re finished.
  • Stick in a few high intensity efforts towards the end of a ride; the body will continue to burn calories long after you finish your spin.
  • Set a weight/weight loss goal and keep a track of your weight – it’s all about having something to aim for.
  • What not to do: Don’t wrap up more to lose weight, it only dehydrates you. Any weight loss will be reversed once you drink some fluids.


Lose weight through cycling; some tips